Winter Maintenance

Snowfall and Inclement Weather Parking and Snow Removal Ordinance

As winter approaches, please remember that North Manheim Township does have and strickly enforces a Snowfall and Inclement Weather Parking and Snow Removal Ordinance, that can be found in Chapter 11, Part E of the Code of Ordinances. 

Help our Road Crew keep your roads clear of snow and ice by removing all vehicles from Township Roads during inclement weather.  The Township has in the past and will continue to have vehicles towed, at the owners expense, from the Township roads should they be parked in violation of the above listed Ordinance as outlined in Section 2.

When shoveling or removing snow from your driveway and walkways, please do not put the snow and ice on to the Township roads per the above referenced Ordinance, Section 3.  When the Township snow plows come through, this is only going to push the snow and ice back on to your property.  You can help eliminate this situation by containing it to other areas of your property. 

Following the Ordinance as outlined will greatly help the Road Crewe in getting te roads cleared as quickly and safely as possible.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Please be aware, the Road Crew is not able to "lift" their plows at driveways.  Our crew is responsible for clearing many miles of roads and intersections within the Township and if they were to "lift" the plows, they would never be able to complete their routes and get the roads passable for everyone.  We suggest either waiting until the snow has finished or if you shoveling during the fall to keep up with it, please follow the diagram below.  This will greatly reduce the amount of snow that is deposited in an empty spot as the plows come through.  

Driveway Snow Clearing Imagine