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Recycling in North Manheim Township

North Manheim Township residents should contact their private trash haulers for curbside recycling options and costs.   The Township also hosts the Schuylkill County Fall Cleanup yearly during the month of September and offers electronic recycling approximately every other year following the Fall Cleanup.  Additionally, please refer to the following links for more information on recycling unwanted or no longer used items and hazardous materials.

Schuylkill County Office of Solid Waste & Resource Management

Phone: 570-628-1220

Schuylkill County's Office of Solid Waste & Resource Management offers information pertaining to the recycling of  a Recycling Program available to ALL County residents.  Please use the link to their page to find more specific information on the program itself, materials accepted.   The County also offers information on electronic recycling of items here.  Please contact those sites directly for updated information.


Earth 911 offers a large amount of information, including a Recycling Center Search & Recycling Guides page that covers everything from Automotive, Construction, Glass, Plastic, Household Waste, Metal, Electronics, Paper to every day Household items.

PPL's Appliance Recycling Program

PPL offers a program to recycle an old fridge or freezer.  They will haul it away and offer you a rebate.   In addition, they also offer small appliance recycling events and will mail you a rebate per unit, which consists of room ACs and dehumidifiers.     Please use the above link to find more information from PPL and their appliance recycling opportunities.