Open Burning

Please be aware that North Manheim Township does have an section in the Code of Ordiances outlining open burning and what is and is not permitted.  The entire ordinance can be found here.  Below and attached you will find a summary of the open burning regulations.  In addition, the specific section has been attached below, but as always, if you have any questions, or need clarifications to make sure you are complying with all aspects of the ordinance, please contact our Zoning Officer by calling SDE at (610) 916-8500 and ask for the North Manheim Township Zoning Officer.

Again, the following is only a summary of Section 514, as is the below listed attachment.  Please refer to Chapter 19, Section 514 for more detailed information regarding Definitions, Regulations, Enforcement, Penalities and Liabilites.  


Environmental Performance Standards for the I-Industrial Zoning District are set forth in Section 408.1.c 1-7.  In the R-A, R-1, R-2, C-1, C-3 and EP Zoning Districts, the Township shall require safeguards to assure compliance with the following performance standards.  Upon request of the Township, the landowner shall furnish proof at his own expense that he is in compliance with the following standards:
c.  Regulations - All open burning shall comply with the following standards:
  1. Materials prohibited from burning include demolition waste, insulation, shingles, treated or painted wood, paint, painted or stained objects or furniture, tires, mattresses, box springs, metal, insulating coating on wire, consumer electronics, appliances, automobiles, automotive parts, batteries, thermoformed or thermoset polymers (plastics), waste oil and other petroleum products.
  2. For fires within noncombustible containers, burning shall not occur within twenty (20) feet of any structure, fence, property line, or right-of-way.
  3. For open fires, burning shall not occur within thirty (30) feet of any structure, fence, or right-of-way line or property line.
  4. All fires shall be attended at all times by a competent individual.
  5. All materials that are burned must be generated on site.  The burning of trade waste is prohibited.
  6. No such fire shall be allowed to burn upon any day except between the hours of 7:00 AM and 10:00 PM.
d. Exceptions - The following exception is  not considered open burning and therefore is not subject to the regulations as outlined in Section 514.1.c above.
  1. Recreational Fires as defined in Section 514.1.a.