Where can I dispose of recyclable or unwanted items?

Where can I dispose or recycle unwanted items such as large bulky items, glass, cardboard, household hazard waste, etc? 

North Manheim Township residents can utilize their own private hauler for normal trash collection and inquire if they offer a recycling program of glass, cardboard, and plastics. The Township does participate in the Schuylkill County's Annual Fall Clean-up for large bulky items, scrap metal, tires, etc.  In addition, the Township has been hosting an Electronics Recycling Event periodically as needed and you can call the office for the next scheduled event.   You many also reach out to the Office of Solid Waste offers information on where bulky items and/or hazardous househould waste may be taken to properly disposed of.   You can find more information about these programs and other options by going  contacting the Schuylkill County Office of Solid Waste & Resource Management.