What is a UPI#?

On the UCC/Zoning Permit application or Subdivision Application, a UPI# is being requested.  What is this number and where can I find it?

UPI references the Uniform Parcel Identifier or UPI Number that is given to all property within the County.    Each municipality within the County will have a different first 2 numbers.  If you live in North Manheim Township, this number will 99.9% of the time begin with the #18 and follow the format of 18-XX-XXXX.XXX and can be found on your most recent tax bill you received from the Township Tax Collector.   This number is required on all permit or land development plans.  At certain locations, a parcel may have the boundary of two municipalities going through it and therefore, the parcel number may be different from that of the #18.  If so, you would initially contact the muncipality that those two numbers represents.  For example the #34 represents Wayne Township, #35 West Brunswick Township and #41 Cressona to name a few.  This is not a common circumstance, but it does happen.