Frequently Asked Questions - General

On the UCC/Zoning Permit application or Subdivision Application, a UPI# is being requested.  What is this number and where can I find it?

UPI references the Uniform Parcel Identifier or UPI Number that is given to all property within the County.    Each municipality within the County will have a different first 2 numbers.  If you live in North Manheim Township, this number will 99.9% of the time begin with the #18 and follow the format of 18-XX-XXXX.XXX and can be found on your most recent tax bill you received from the Township Tax Collector.   This number is required on all permit or land development plans.  At certain locations, a parcel may have the boundary of two municipalities going through it and therefore, the parcel number may be different from that of the #18.  If so, you would initially contact the muncipality that those two numbers represents.  For example the #34 represents Wayne Township, #35 West Brunswick Township and #41 Cressona to name a few.  This is not a common circumstance, but it does happen.

Where can I dispose or recycle unwanted items such as large bulky items, glass, cardboard, household hazard waste, etc? 

North Manheim Township residents can utilize their own private hauler for normal trash collection and inquire if they offer a recycling program of glass, cardboard, and plastics. The Township does participate in the Schuylkill County's Annual Fall Clean-up for large bulky items, scrap metal, tires, etc.  In addition, the Township has been hosting an Electronics Recycling Event periodically as needed and you can call the office for the next scheduled event.   You many also reach out to the Office of Solid Waste offers information on where bulky items and/or hazardous househould waste may be taken to properly disposed of.   You can find more information about these programs and other options by going  contacting the Schuylkill County Office of Solid Waste & Resource Management.

Does North Manheim Township provide trash collection or is it through a private hauler?

Trash collection in North Manheim Township is through your own private hauler.  

If I am looking to add a structure, driveway, fence, pool, upgrade electrical/plumbing type work or run a business out of my home, etc., or I am a transient vendor, utility company, etc looking to work within the Township, do I need permits?

When looking to do improve your property (or someone elese's) and you are unsure if you need a permit, please call the UCC & Zoning Code Enforcement Officer.    With the information you provide to the Code Officer, he can provide you with the regulations and direct you to what permit applications are required to be submit to the Township for processing.  All permits must be sumbitted to the Township office.

If I am a customer of the North Manheim Township Authority, where do I pay my bill?

North Manheim Township Authority customers may utilize the online ebilling & payments options found at the Customer Portal.   Alternatively, payments can be mailed to North Manheim Township Authority, 303 Manheim Rd, Pottsville, PA 17901.  Payments may also be made in person during normal business hours at the Township office, 303 Manheim Road, Pottsville, PA 17901 or after hours using the dropoff box.  (Please note that credit card payments are only accepted through the online portal and a convenience fee applies.)  

Where do I vote if I live in North Manheim Township?

North Manheim Township has 3 voting locations.  Please call the Schuylkill County Election Bureau at (570) 628-1467 for which specific location they have assigned you too.

  • North Manheim Township - 1st Precinct, Schuylkill County Agricultural Center, 1202 Agricultural Center Drive, Pottsville, PA 17901
  • North Manheim Township - 2nd Precinct, North Manheim Township Municipal Building, 303 Manheim Road, Pottsville, PA 17901
  • North Manheim Township - 3rd Precinct, Blue Mountain High School, 1076 W Market Street, Schuylkill Haven, PA 17972

What School District do I live in?

If you are a resident of North Manheim Township, you live in the Blue Mountain School District, tax code number is 54080.

Where do we submit Permit Applications and Plan Submissions?

All permit applications and subdivision plans/LDP must be submitted to the Township office for processing, along with any applicable fees.   Once they are processed in the office, they will be directed to the appropriate contact for processing.  The dropoff box may be utilitzed for these items with the exception of rolled plans, which will need to be submitted during normal office hours.